Your Home: A World of Beauty?

I love this quote:  ”I live for beauty, and I think everybody needs it.  It’s healing, restorative and essential to our well-being.”

Whether we know it or not, International designer Barbara Berry speaks to our inner sense of peace.  We all know our larger and individual worlds are jam-packed with myriad things to do, watch, take care of, plan and execute.  And we all know that coming home to a personal space that restores you is vital to recharging your body and mind.  Think about your home when you open the door:  is it peaceful? functioning? does it have an aesthetic you enjoy? do you have a space for you? what about the clutter factor?  is the hand-me-down furniture finally shouting “let me go”? are there spaces/rooms that just don’t work?  have you analyzed why? have you asked a design professional why?

Creating a home that combines comfort and function can really be challenging.  Many of us don’t have the time, talent  or inspiration to make the transformative changes that we would ultimately really enjoy. Why not think about a fresh perspective?  And give yourself  permission to let go of your college furniture.  It has served you well and you’re a grown up now.

Think about your well-being.  Barbara Berry does….and so do we!

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